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Take Advantage of Your Local Business Directory

If you have a local business that needs more clients or customers, there are many steps you can take to improve your local visibility by using a local business directory. Local Google maps is a way people are searching for you on their cell phones and on their computers, but there is a lot more to it than a map.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and various local directories online offer you free or low cost listings for local businesses on their search results. In Google, there is the Google Places directory that helps people looking for your services or products in their local area find out about you. Multiple other websites offer online directory listings, starting with the online yellow pages, but going far beyond that old familiar resource.

The even better news is that there are affordable services that will set you up to be found online for a reasonable price. This is only part of an overall marketing plan, but it is a core part of the total plan. One such excellent service is from Universal Business Listing.

Check out their programs below:

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