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Internet Marketing Consultants

Internet marketing consultants offer online solutions for small business website development and promotion. Many small businesses need greater web presence to stand out in their local communities. We have both low cost do-it-yourself (or your staff) training programs and do-it-for-you packages.

Successful internet marketing to put a local small business online is straightforward, but time consuming. You have to know the right steps to take to get found in the search engines, since more and more of your potential new customers look for your services and products online, via smart phones, netbooks, laptops, and/or desktop computers.

Even if you know that you can get free local business listings on Google and other popular search engines (and have you done this yet?), do you know how to do this right? By “right”, we mean getting the maximum benefit from the free listing so that you show up on page one of the search engine as high as possible (above the fold without the searcher having to scroll down the page to see your business listing). This is completely separate from any paid website advertising’s free!

Internet Marketing ConsultantsAnd, have you taken advantage of marketing videos, online article directories, social media web 2.0 sites such as Twitter and Facebook? The winners in this competition are the small business owners who either learn what they need to do and do it themselves, or hire internet marketing companies to get the job done, steadily and regularly.

So, you have two main choices, and we offer help as internet marketing consultants for both:

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