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Internet Marketing Consultants

Internet marketing consultants offer online solutions for small business website development and promotion. Many small businesses need greater web presence to stand out in their local communities. We have both low cost do-it-yourself (or your staff) training programs and do-it-for-you packages. Read the rest of this entry »

Small Business Marketing With Social Media

Small businesses need to market using social media. This establishes the opportunity to interact with their customers and fans on their business fan page on Facebook and/or send Tweets to let people know about special coupons and offers they are putting out there — these will attract return business from people already sold on your products and services.

Or, if they are potential new clients/customers, the discount offer might be just the thing to tip the scales and get them to call or visit your business.

Some social media are more business-friendly than others. Facebook is definitely more available for both personal and business use. You can set up your own fan page for your business to keep people updated on news and ideas in your business niche. You can answer questions and comments about your products and services. And much more.

You can even advertise to targeted Facebook members who live in your city and have interests related to your specific products and services (no more wasted general media ads).

So, you say, you just can’t get into those things – you can’t keep up with how to set up and use Facebook or these other social media sites.

Stop whining. I mean it.

A story online should make us all pause and realize that it is never too late to get the hang of new developments in technology and wired/online opportunities. A story posted on 1/22/11 from Genoa, Ohio tells us about Eunice Brillhart, a 105 year old woman who checks her Facebook page every day.

Yes, her granddaughter helped her get started, but now she is on her one, posting status updates, comments, and pictures of family members.

When this woman was a child, her family did not even have a radio. In her lifetime, she has seen radio, TV, computers, cars, and now…social media.

If she can do this and adjust to the latest trends, so can you. So can we all…


Take Advantage of Your Local Business Directory

If you have a local business that needs more clients or customers, there are many steps you can take to improve your local visibility by using a local business directory. Local Google maps is a way people are searching for you on their cell phones and on their computers, but there is a lot more to it than a map.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and various local directories online offer you free or low cost listings for local businesses on their search results. In Google, there is the Google Places directory that helps people looking for your services or products in their local area find out about you. Multiple other websites offer online directory listings, starting with the online yellow pages, but going far beyond that old familiar resource.

The even better news is that there are affordable services that will set you up to be found online for a reasonable price. This is only part of an overall marketing plan, but it is a core part of the total plan. One such excellent service is from Universal Business Listing.

Check out their programs below:

Internet Marketing Tools Using Internet Video Marketing

You have a choice of many different strategies for online marketing of your business with internet marketing tools. One of the most popular is using short videos that you create either with an inexpensive video camera such as the Flip, or creating videos from slideshows of images and photos, using software such as Powerpoint and then recording the screen with a program such as Camtasia. You can even try a video creating online service such as Animoto to give you a starting place with a look and feel style, as well as licensed music to accompany your images.

Nonetheless, those are all tools to get your videos made (e.g., each 1-5 minutes in length). They don’t begin to market your videos, which in turn are supposed to drive traffic visitors back to your website(s).

First, get your videos uploaded to the more effective and popular sites, such as, Viddler, com,, or (there are dozens more).You can distribute them via,, and/or, all of which make it faster to accomplish once you have each video directory account set up.

Then, consider buying a promotional service to get your videos seen. Popularity on the internet breeds more popularity. So, if you jumpstart viewing, subscribers, etc., you have a better chance of getting a video to take off as a viral video. One new service that looks promising is called UTubePlays. You can check it out here.

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